About Us

WODoutlet.com is a retailer dedicated to the High-Intensity Functional Fitness Community. We exist because of our promise to serve our community by sourcing natural and local products that supports our tribe. ...Mic Drop... Now go get your WOD on!

What is Rage Out and Why is it so important to us.

Rage Out was developed by our owner, a 3rd generation 28 year fire veteran. His family is deep in serving of this country from every branch of the military, fire, police, nurses, teachers and many more. He's seen 1st hand the devastating effects of PTSD. This unfortunately is sometimes translated into Rage. The brand is named Rage Out as a tribute to our Heroes that fight this disease everyday in service to our great country! His goal is to bring awareness to this horrible disease and provide funding to nonprofits that support service to our past and present service members and their families.

We're also working on a nonprofit called "Forgotten Heroes"! This organization will provide support to the children of service members that lose their lives in the line of duty with mentorship. We believe there's no replacement for the loss of their parents but they still need support and guidance in their lives. We believe that providing them with the ability to hunt, fish, hike, participate in outside activities, take trips and be mentored by there communities is the least we can do for their sacrifices.

Our goal is to also develop a brand that supersedes the quality of any brand out there while providing you with the most up to date styles without compromising fit and most importantly comfort.

We greatly appreciate the support you provide us in what we love doing.