Magne Sport 2lb bag of salts
MG 12

Magne Sport 2lb bag of salts

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Magnesium is essential in over 300 essential enzymatic processesin your body, which means when you get it straight into the muscle and blood stream you're helping boost your body's ability to fight things like inflammation, general toxicity, and fatigue.   Dr. Jeff Schutt says that hamstring injuries can be avoided through nutritional support because contraction and relaxation is dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium. “A shortened hamstring is a result of lack of available magnesium,” he says. Liquid magnesium chloride can be simply sprayed and rubbed into a sore Achilles tendon to decrease swelling   Magnesium deficiency reduces metabolic efficiency, increases oxygen consumption and heart rate required to perform work, all things that take the edge off of athletic performance.   When your body has an infusion of magnesium chloride is your body detoxes more efficiently, it transports oxygen more efficiently as red blood cell profiles are improved, and your cells become healthier and better suited for energy transference.   Topical magnesium chloride (Mg12) can provide rapid relief when applied directly to muscles. The unique local effects of transdermal magnesium therapy make it an ideal modality for pain and tension in muscles, joints & connective tissue.

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