Woddies- Workout glove

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WODies, the number one selling workout & weightlifting gloves. Get full palm protection and crucial wrist support in one product. Extremely durable gloves made in the US with high-quality, hypoallergenic, latex-free woven elastic. Unlike leather gloves, WODies are washable, breathable, and flexible. SEE VIDEO

Created for athletes, by athletes, WODies™ are workout gloves specifically designed to prevent hand tearing while adding crucial wrist support during those killer WOD’s and workouts in the gym. Come in a variety of colors. *NOW WITH GRIP-RIDGE TECHNOLOGY, with tiny grooves that hold more chalk for even more grip than ever before, with less break-in time, increased comfort, and durability!*

Forget about rubbing your open sores on those nasty, unsanitary bars where others have torn, spreading germs! Unlike cheap leather versions, WODies are made specifically to absorb chalk and sweat which combine for extra grip without EVER bunching or pinching and provides a “natural glide” on the bar to absorb friction. You’re done with leather, forget about tape, if you want maximum protection, extra comfort with minimal feel and by far the most durable, long lasting gloves on the market, WODies are the absolute PREMIUM brand..period. You’ll never want to attempt a WOD without a pair again. Make your hands happy!




See below (or click here) for sizing chart.
XL 4.75″+ inches
Large 4″-4.75″ inches
Medium 3.5″-4″ inches
Small 0-3.5″inches

*Sizes determined by measuring from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger. If you’re on the line between sizes, go with the smaller size.