Preventing Lactic-Acid Build Up

Performing a high-intensity workout at 110% every workout is what makes a great athlete GREAT. Perfect practice makes perfect. And in order to push your body that hard, every workout, you must understand how to thrive at that level and what impacts or hinders your time to exhaustion and performance. Knowing this gives you the competitive advantage to compete at a higher-level. Simply put, lactic acid build up is one of the major reasons your body quits on you during your WOD. When you do HIIT workouts, your body will push as hard as it can till it reaches a point at which your breathing rate and heart rate increases but your supply of oxygen decreases. This is when lactic acid build up starts. When lactic acid build up increases past its threshold it then hinders your performance and WOD significantly. When your doing your daily WOD or competing lactic acid build up is what will worsens your time to exhaustion, execution time, number of errors, and number of omissions. As soon as your body lost that balance it started producing energy anaerobically because the energy pathway was deprived of oxygen. And because this energy pathway is inefficient it has to work twice as hard because it literally ferments your glucose to produce energy for your daily WOD. And poof, we have lactic acid. There are some natural remedies to help neutralize the lactic acid and/or prevent the lactic acid from building up. Here are some supplements for combating and preventing the build up of lactic-acid.