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Magnesium is a critical mineral that has many critical roles in the human body. It is required for energy production, maintaining structural bones, maintaining a normal heart beat, and maintaining normal blood pressure. And for high-intensity athletes who train beyond there limits, magnesium has been shown to decrease blood lactate levels and significantly decreased lactate production, while increasing lactate clearance in the muscle during exercise. Supplementing magnesium 30 minutes before a workout will ensure it's readily available for combating lactic acid. And hey, it increases blood glucose levels during a workout. That's a win-win! Supplementing your daily dose of magnesium is only essential for exercise performance because magnesium is abundant in food. Nature's Answer offers a natural and bio-available source of magnesium from a clean region of the world. And you can break a readily available 500mg into two servings. Here is a list of food sources with magnesium that the National Institute of Health's published.